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We provide maitenance services and electric or pneumatic installations just as mechanic repairs. We are at the vanguard of the newest products which nowadays are presented on the markets,  being the automatism throughout the programing of automatic machines one of the main variables. We mass-poduce any electrical panel with the best quality cost. We also developed, manufacture and repair any kind of simple or especial mechanism folowing each client´s needs.

On the other hand, our specialization in the manufacturing of different filling and weighind processes deserves to be highlighted. We fulfill this task by formulas or cycles, getting, throunghout its programing, total control and automation of a whole productive process. moreover, as a result of the use of artificial vision or sensors and the preformance of a study for each application, we obtain the detection and inspection of the final product; being our main sector the food product sector.


Installation and Automation:


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